The unbeatable quality of shoes made 100% in Spain

All our shoes are made in Spain, with Spanish raw materials and pass high quality tests.

In this way we support national fair trade.


Comfortable and breathable sneakers

Covered on the inside by a layer of perforated microfiber, which improves comfort and breathability in your feet.

The canvas slippers are made of 100% cotton.

The leather and split leather shoes adapt to your feet while allowing your feet to sweat naturally.



Also with unperforated microfiber


In some models you can find the same comfort with the reinforcement inside the microfiber without drilling.

Quality and durability

We are committed to the quality and durability of our shoes. That is why the soles are glued and sewn by hand by our Spanish shoemakers.


Made in Spain

Hand-stitched soles

Ergonomic templates

Respects the environment

Breathable insoles

The templates are designed to wear your shoes all day long.

They are micro-perforated so that your foot breathes naturally and avoids bad odours and fungus.

The soft texture of the microfiber will make you feel the comfort you deserve.

Ultra-comfortable templates

Its ergonomic design allows the insole to adapt to your feet.

Its padded system makes every step you take like a walk in the clouds.


Canvas sneakers

Leather sneakers

Split leather shoes


We are committed to sustainable and quality fashion. Therefore, when you buy a Meer Hout shoe, you are making sure you are buying a quality Spanish product that will last you for years.

Far from other consumer philosophies that seek to have something cheap of little quality and that soon you have to spend again.


We know that the environmental impact that we humans cause can be amended. In order to do so, we must change the form of excessive consumption and the way we act.

At Meer Hout we contribute to the environment by using recycled cardboard boxes and recycled paper to wrap and ship the sneakers. We also collaborate with WWF Spain (World Wildlife Fund for Nature), so when you buy a Meer Hout, you are indirectly contributing to saving the planet.

What do you think of us?

Fast delivery and in perfect condition.

Alejandra A.

My son finds them comfortable.


Unbeatable. Speed, efficiency and friendliness in equal parts.

Raquel Alonso

Very fast delivery.

Ruben M.

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