The Meer Hout sneakers at Vanity Fair Spain¡¡¡Hello Meer Houters!!!

I’m Antonia Rosso, designer of Meer Hout.

Yes, you’ve read correctly, a few days ago we told you how VOGUE trusts Meer Hout sneakers, now it’s the turn of Vanity Fair magazine, which reveals our sneakers this December. From here we want to thank all the Human Team who have made our BALDER have a place in your magazine 

In the beautiful image at the foot of this year’s Christmas tree, you will find, around various gifts, our BALDER. Ideal to wear with any garment.


“To be honest, I don’t take them off just because I’m so comfortable with them that when I get home from work, I prefer to keep them on instead of swapping them for my sneakers.

blue and pink balderdash shoes


Meer Hout’s team has made it possible for the choice of raw material to achieve such comfortable shoes from my initial idea.

Remember that there is less time left for Christmas gifts so I invite you to give comfort, design and exclusivity.

We are now working conscientiously on the next Spring-Summer 2019 collection and I can assure you that it will be as comfortable as this limited edition. With fresh colours and first class materials, because you deserve them, because we deserve them.

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