After almost a year of just being a project, it now becomes a reality.

Our idea of making comfortable, quality footwear is now “out of the oven”.

First there was a need and in our heads came Meer Hout (More Wood). Then we gave free rein to our imagination and didn’t want to stop. Ideas were pouring out of us one after another and we had to sit down and collect them.

We have studied the market (trends, fashion…), looked for the best suppliers (floors, soles, leather, cotton…) and everything to be able to satisfy your needs.

This project feeds on your tastes, on what you ask of us, on what you miss when you buy new shoes. Meer Hout listens to you, it needs to listen to you in order to move forward in this adventure that we want you to enjoy as much as we do.

Throughout this blog we will inform you about the first shoes in our collection. We will inform you of news, thoughts, ideas… but above all we want to listen to you. Don’t hesitate to give us ideas, suggestions and anything else you can think of, because this project is for you to enjoy with us.

We encourage you to join our MeerHouters community by subscribing through the form below to be informed before anyone else of our offers, promotions and much more!

The Meer Hout team wishes you a happy day now and forever…


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