There are few things that look worse when it comes to dressing than a pair of dirty slippers. In order to be able to show off your shoes, we are going to give you a series of tips so that you can clean them and keep them in good condition. There are shoes made of different materials and each one requires special care. In this case, we will go step by step, explaining how to clean the shoes depending on the material they are made of, we start.

zapatillas de lona caminando por la roca
Cleans canvas shoes easily

How do you clean canvas or cloth slippers?

Many people choose to put their canvas sneakers or cloth sneakers directly into the washing machine. This is an emergency solution and is not recommended.

Ideally, we should do it the way we taught you here. First of all, what we have to do is remove the laces. These laces will be cleaned separately with hand washing soap. Then, we must shake the shoes to remove dirt from the soles and with a soft brush, we will brush these 100% cotton shoes to remove surface dust.

We will prepare a mixture with water, neutral soap and bicarbonate. Once we have it, we will use the same brush used previously to rub all the shoe applying this solution, making a greater effort where there is a higher concentration of stains.

Once we have done this, we have to remove the remains of the soap from the shoe and to do this, we will pass a damp cloth with which we will remove this soap. To conclude, one of the most important aspects that we have to follow, is to introduce inside the shoe some newspaper, for example. Our aim is to ensure that the paper absorbs moisture and therefore does not deform the shoe.

If we also want to clean the yellow of the soles of our canvas or cloth shoes, we can do it by applying a little vinegar on it. Once watered with this vinegar, it will be enough to clean with toothpaste, either with the same toothbrush or with a sponge. We will pass little by little, until we see how the area is cleaned and losing that yellowish color that makes them so ugly.

Once we have everything ready, we let both the shoes and the laces dry in a place where the sun does not shine directly on them and once they are dry we attach them to the shoes again and we have our cloth or canvas shoes as good as new.

Zapatillas de cuero Balder fabricadas en España
Make your leather shoes like new

How to clean leather or fur shoes?

Leather shoes are quite delicate and also get easily soiled. As with the fabric and canvas shoes, the first step is to remove the laces from the shoes. Thanks to this, we will be able to wash the laces separately with soap and, in addition, it will be much easier for us to wash the shoe.

Secondly, we’ll need a brush. In this case, we have to consider using a special brush, which is not very strong, to avoid damaging the skin by cracking it. Through this brushing, we will remove any dirt on the surface, as well as any mud or salt stains on the leather.

The procedure has to be gentle, to avoid damaging the shoes, but in spite of this, it is necessary to emphasize those areas where the dirt is more accumulated. This is especially necessary for those white leather shoes, where the dirt may be more noticeable.

To get rid of this dirt, we can help ourselves to soap and water. To do this, we will fill a container with water and a little bit of soap, and we will continue helping ourselves from the brush or with a cloth, as it is more comfortable for us.

In addition to this, there are also special products that we can use instead of this solution, which like this one, will make it easier for us to clean the dirt from the cracking that is so characteristic of these shoes.

Once all the stains have been removed, we will use a dry cloth to remove all traces of soap and thus dry the shoe. Finally, if we wish, we can optionally use products to nourish the leather, taking into account the product used, so that the colour of the shoe does not change.

Once we have everything done, just let them dry without the direct sun, both the shoes and the laces, we will reassemble them and we will have our leather shoes completely clean again.

Zapatillas de serraje para hombre fabricadas made in Spain

How to clean split leather shoes?

Split leather shoes are quite strong in themselves, but like other materials, they get dirty over time. Despite the fact that it is a strong material, we must not confuse it with rudimentary cleaning and to do so, we must apply a fairly careful procedure so as not to damage it. We recommend that before you start wearing split leather shoes you spray them with a specific product to protect this material from moisture and waterproof them from the start, so that your new split leather shoes will last longer. You can repeat this action several times in the life of your shoe but without abusing it or you will leave the hair of the split leather clinging and it will not look pretty. There is a great variety of products on the market with this quality. And now we come to the issue at hand, how to clean my sneakers.

First, the usual, remove the laces and shake them to remove any dust that might be left on top. With regard to the tools we are going to use, we will need a soft bristle brush. If we don’t have a special one, we can easily use a toothbrush, as it will do the job perfectly, and even a soft cloth.

The next step will be to make the corresponding mixture, which we will apply to our shoes with the toothbrush. This mixture will contain some creamy detergent (small amount) that we will join with water.

We dip the brush in the mixture and start brushing the shoe, always taking into account this consideration, going in the direction of the shoe’s hair and taking special care that the brush’s bristles do not bend. The objective will be to try to make a small foam on the fences of the brush and gradually rub the shoe, insisting on those areas where the stains are deeper.

Once you have done all this step along the entire length of the shoe (remember to wipe it all over the shoe so that you don’t get any bulbs), all you have to do is wipe it with a clean, dry cloth to remove all traces of the cleaning. Now we would have to wait about 20 minutes, once the cleaning is finished, to see how the result is. If we have not removed any stains, we will simply repeat the process again, until our shoes are completely clean.

A simple and effective procedure to make our split leather shoes look like new again.

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