A MEER HOUT is not simply a pair of sneakers.

A project is: a purpose, a challenge. We were born with the idea of creating, of feeling, of imagining a world where our project would have its space. We feel the need to propose our values, our way of being, our way of thinking.

None of us were in the desert or the jungle. Nobody saw an elephant up close, but we all agreed that it was a faithful reflection of this project, of this illusion, tenacity, intelligence and sense of team, we are MEER HOUT and we want to walk with you.

MEER HOUT was born committed to the quality of its products, with the enthusiasm of some Malaga people who want to work in this sector, listening to footwear professionals, letting us advise, proposing our designs, using means and materials that respect the environment.

This project was born from the need to re-invent itself, to give itself a chance. This project is a “I’m alive, and I want to fight”, that’s us and these are our shoes.

They are our pillars. Our feet are what sustain us day by day, providing us with the strength to keep walking and overcome adversities with a firm step. With the strength, courage and nobility of an elephant, able to carry heavy loads on its back without being separated from its family, giving way to joint solutions to move forward.

This is MEER HOUT.

And if you want to advance, to walk with a firm step, it has to be with a comfortable, resistant and quality footwear. At MEER HOUT we offer a complete line of footwear that follows our rhythm, keeping our feet rested from morning to night. To this end, at MEER HOUT we make sure our shoes are made by professionals from the world of footwear, with many years of experience in the sector.

We seek the best qualities for your rest and comfort. Those of our feet, and those of each of us. Of course, always committed to a sustainable manufacturing process. All our footwear models have been made with processes that respect the environment, using non-polluting materials and manufacturing. We are responsible for consuming the right kind of energy and we pay attention to the rights and dignity of the professionals involved in each one of the activities involved in our production process.

A MEER HOUT is not simply a pair of sneakers.

Wearing a MEER HOUT is a commitment to design, comfort and functionality. Check it out.

We are counting on you to give us your opinion about our Meer Hout.

We don’t sell sneakers, we sell design, comfort, functionality… we sell Meer Hout.

We make our products with passion and creativity.

We manufacture 100% of our products in Spain.



  • We want you to be able to find what you are looking for in Meer Hout, from your ideal model to your size number and if you don’t find it contact us and we will help you
  • We’d like you to like us as much as we like you ;-P
  • Live the experience of creating a brand that you like, feel comfortable with and identify with

So far we have told you a little bit about us, how we work, our products and the dreams that one day we will achieve with your help. Now it’s your turn, we invite you to contact us and tell us what you think of Meer Hout. If you have any concerns when it comes to buying, what is it? Would you improve on the site or the Meer Hout? Or anything else you want to tell us!

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